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273: 300 quarters

~~~Thursday, October 23~~~

The flight to Houston was uneventful. I can't even remember who I sat next to and that is uncommon for me.  I usually remember everything.

The walk from the gate in Houston to where the shuttles were was unbelievably long. I kept thinking,  'I must be mistaken, I must be going the wrong way.'  It may have taken me 20 minutes!

Finally, I made it to the waiting area (very long wait) where I could catch a shuttle. Annoyed and tired, I was happy to see a familiar face -  Jona  who I had met at the  last Market. Pssst, she's selling  Sugar Snap at her web store Fabritopia! Jona was with her cutie of a husband and we chatted a bit until I could finally board the shuttle (for a ridiculously long ride to the hotel. Arg.) Ruh-roh, sorry to be so complain-y!

It was probably almost 4:30  when I dropped my stuff at the hotel and walked the 10 blocks to the convention center. I was relieved that it was sunny and balmy, in the high-sixties.

I went in, badged up and headed to the Westminster booth.

For my schoolhouse giveaway, I had decided to hand out fat quarters of Sugar Snap. Instead of having yardage shipped to me, cutting it at home and then shipping it out to Houston, I just had it shipped to Houston and planned to take care of it on site.

With dinner plans at 7:30, I  was attempting to cut, fold and bundle 300 fat quarters in just a couple of hours, as my schoolhouse was the following morning! Thank god, Jeff had mercy on me and came to my assistance. He acted like a beacon- shortly after he came over, most of the Westminster office and warehouse staff joined in and we became a fat-quarter-cutting-and-folding machine.

Here is the team taking direction from Jeff  on how to properly fold fat quarters:

There were even two more people with us by the time we were in full production! I was so impressed with everyone's willingness to help, I had to  stop what I was doing to get a picture of it. Thanks, you guys!

It was a Market Miracle: we  finished just in time for me to run across the street to the Four Seasons for dinner with Amy Butler, her husband David and Amy's dad, Devil Don.

More about that, next time!

xo, m

Reader Comments (2)

I would totally love that tutorial on how to properly fold fat quarters. I just made a little bundle and thought something was not quite right!
November 3, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCicada Studio
THis sugar snap fabric is AMAZING!!! The lucky recipients left feeling wonderful I bet! I'm glad that you received some help.
November 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTeresa

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