Hi! I'm Melissa Averinos. 

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I'm a longarm quilter and fabric designer for Andover Fabrics. I wrote Small Stash Sewing. I illustrated The Family Doodle Book. I wrote and illustrated DIY Mason Jars and DIY Wine Corks. I am a lifelong painter. I am a Cape Codder, good listener and lover of pie. I love yoga and gardening. Let's be friends!





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scores part three

Ok, due to some technical difficulty, I need to break up these posts- hopefully by the time you see them they will all make sense and not have huge gaps - let me know if it looks weird (big spaces of blank screen), would ya?

Now, how about these lovely little potholders!


Decorative cage: sky%20cage.JPG

Hammered brass chain:

ok, more in the next post!
Oh, God. I hope I am not totally boring you.


Yard sale scores from yesterday: part deux

ok. here I go, here I go , here I go again!
girls, what's my weakness?


 So I got some awesome fabric at one sale yesterday. Look at that cute vintage print with the houses! And next to it is some vintage denim!


I love the white viney parts on this one:

vintage%20%20mustard%20fabric.JPG and a sweet little stack of gingham:


Here ends the fabric portion of my documentation!

hot ice and strange snow


Wow, I have been absent for some time now.  Busy little bee. 

The title of my post is a phrase from A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I saw last night at The Cotuit Center for the Arts.  That phrase just stuck with me - isn't it neat?  I have been going to so many events lately!  I 'll have to remember to post about them.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me well on my Promising News! It got even more promising after that entry- so I will be working on that and reporting back when I have Definite Good News. Then we can all celebrate with creme brulee and key lime pie.  How's that sound?

 I had an awesome day of yard sale-ing yesterday with my honey. I was so psyched that I documented most of it to share with you! chalkboard%20and%20appliques.JPG

 Look at those darling little appliques!! 50 cents each!  and that old school chalkboard? Just a buck! I suggested to my honey that we put the chalkboard up in the kitchen so we can write love notes and grocery lists on it.  He said we  can also put a list of chores for the pets to do- Zeus: dishes, Thor: laundry, Mercury: vacuum.  We're not sure what we'll have Riley do.

Have I introduced all of the pets?  I don't think I have. Well, here is Zeus at least. He is The King of the Dogs. Here he is helping me in my quest to document my scores yesterday. 


I was trying to figure out how I wanted to photograph this... uh... this gear? I'm calling it a gear. I have no idea what it is but I love it. So I am walking around with my  gear in one hand, camera in the other, just walking around the yard  and here comes Zeus and I just grab this shot.  Love that red and pink ( red and pink!!) sweet william with the lady's mantle. And Zeus, stopping to smell the flowers.


A couple of days ago, I decided that I want to get sandalwood mala beads . I have been using  a  mantra/chant lately and thought it would be good for me to get into a real practice of it.  I love how sandlawood- I mean the actual wood itself- smells so good when it  is warmed in the hands. Yum! 

So I am at this estate sale yesterday and I spy this wooden bead necklace- I immediately bring it to my nose to smell it, and yes!!! Sandlawood!  It's not a mala, but pretty close! The mantra I have been using is for abundance and prosperity- and here is something I want just appearing for me! I love that!  ..... (there i go being excessive with my exclamation marks, please indulge me.)....... In the car afterward, I kept rubbing the beads to bring out the scent. I  lift them to my true love's nose and tell him to smell. He doesn't smell them! He  must have a broken sniffer, because they totally smell! I keep rubbing them. Literally at least three more times I make him sniff the beads, "Sorry, honey, I just don't smell anything!"

Hmmph.  Zeus, above- he  smells them. Good boy!

More scores from yesterday to come- just want to make sure I don't lose this post. That really pisses me off.  Save and close!


thawing out


i have been frozen for a couple of weeks.

it always happens.

I send out a big design submission, and on the day that I am supposed to hear back, I freeze until i get news. Now, this would not be so bad if I actually were to get news on the day ( or in the week)  that I am told I will be notified. But every time it is weeks later till I actually hear anything back.  You can see my problem, right? I am frozen for that whole time.  By frozen, I mean: anxiously waiting, obsessively checking email, reviewing my work and going through every possible scenario of what they might think of it, imagining what I will do if it's good news, imagining what I will do if it's bad news, expecting the best possible response, expecting the worst possible response. You get the idea, right?  It's exhausting.

This time I sat down with my honey and decided what we will do to celebrate if it was good news, and what we would do to comfort me if it was bad news.

a. dinner out.
b. creme brulee  or key lime pie.

a. go to the movies ( i do love me some good old-fashioned escapism).
b. creme brulee and  key lime pie. ( i do love me some good old-fashioned emotional eating)

So I finally got the news. And... hey, it's pretty good!

I am not going to share it yet, because it is still an unknown where this will lead. But it is quite promising. I am pleased. 

I am tempted to feel like  it's not enough of a  big  deal to really warrant following through on my "good news" plan, but, you know, this business is so hard that anything that isn't an outright rejection should really be considered a  success. 

Hmmmm... creme brulee is sounding good right about now. Crack-crack of the spoon. mmmm. burnt sugar.



hey, subscribers. I've been wondering about you.

 I have been thinking a lot about this here blog, and what I want to do with it. It is a great outlet and I really like the potential of it.   I am new at it all and a little shy about it, to be honest.  

I want to know I know who my audience  is!
Would you kindly help a girl out?

Who are you?

What are your interests? 

Do you  blog?  If so, leave your link!

How did you find me?

What made you choose to subscribe?

What would you like to see more of?

Is there anything you'd like to know about me?

Will you help me make this blog a conversation rather than a soliloquy?
I have never liked public speaking- I'd rather have a chat. (I checked the spelling of soliloquy and that is correct, believe it or not)


This cute elephant guy is Ganesh.  He is known as The Remover of Obstacles. 

Tell me more about yourself.
Pretty please?

xo, m 


mini cork boards!

framed cork boards.JPG

aren't these cute? I made them about a month ago for my newly painted laundry room. (behr paint- melted butter is the name of the color)

i got the frames for el cheapo at a thrift store. They were brown with cheesy cardboard pictures inside.  I  removed the pics, cleaned the frames and then painted them white ( I know abby approves) .  I have had these self-adhesive cork rectangles laying around for ages- never could bring myself to stick 'em to anything.  So  I  painted them white and put them  in the  through the back of the frame - this did require a little bit of trimming with an exacto knife. Then i found my cutest tacks and some postcards  i like and stuck them up! I am pretty sure that those big white buttony-looking tacks are old upholstery tacks. I found them at a yard  sale. Those cute little bird pin thingies I also scored at a yard sale. I wonder what they were originally for?

I want to make more of these mini cork boards! I have tons of old frames ready for some lovin- now I just gotta find more cork. And make some cute pushpins out of old buttons . And buy some more cute postcards.



well, what do you think

of my new banner?

it may get some tweaking, but i like it for now! 




I designed this bumblee bee vase! 

It was manufactured by Zrike and is available at Calyx Flowers . My name is even on the bottom of it!  It came out last summer with a gorgeous  sunflower arrangement  in it.  My honey had a bouquet sent to me the day I found out it was online. Love that guy.  Calyx really does an amazing job with their flowers - very fresh, big full bouquets - all incredibly well packaged for shipping.

I love having flowers sent to me. Well, duh.  I mean, who doesn't, right?  



Question: how can you stand the cuteness?

thor on the bed.JPG

Answer:  you can't, that's how.

Friends, meet Thor. 


works in progress

paintings in progress.JPG

 Look at all those paintings!! I like to work on a lot of pieces at once. When I paint, I sit on the floor in the studio- in my painty clothes - surrounded in all directions by boards, canvases, paint, brushes, cats.  I paint for hours at a time and stop only when I have to. I need to have a couple of those intensive days to finish up this series!
I will post as I finish them.



the ironing was not lost on me

ironed fabric.JPG

i have been organizing my fabric stash lately.

I realized that most of my quilting fabric had never been washed, so I washed a ton of it at once, and ironed it all. It took me so long to iron it! Hours, literally! Next time I have to do that, i will save it for when I am watching season 4 of 24 on DVD!  It looked like so much fabric when it came out of the dryer- in total three huge laundry baskets full. But when it was all ironed, folded, and stacked- it looked like nothing! Note to self: next time i buy fabric, wash and iron it immediately.

In the stack on the left, you can see some of  my collection of bee fabrics.  I usually buy some whenever I see it- i like bee things. The name Melissa  comes from a greek nymph who taught man the use of honey- so my name is associated with the honeybee.

Sweet, non?


40 steps

40 steps.JPG

"Forty Steps" is  a  painting in a series called 'Cranberry Road.' This new batch of work is inspired by my childhood- places, memories, patterns, possessions.  The 40 steps, as it is known, is  kind of a gazebo on a hill which overlooks Craigville Beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  There are forty steps (but you probably guessed that already) leading down the hill to a tight little dirt path that opens to Craigville Beach Road.  When I was a young girl,  I used to love to walk there from my house. I carved my name into the wood. I sat and looked at the ocean. It was probably my favorite place to go.

The perspective of the painting is from the path looking up. I tried to find a photo to show you, but the only one I could find was from the opposite direction.   I'll have to head over there ( I still live  in the same town) and take a picture. I'll see if I can find my name in the wood.


how can you not like muffins?

bead trays.JPG

ok, this post really has nothing to do with muffins. But look at how gorgeous my gem beads look in these  rusty muffin tins!  Mmmm.... gem muffins. 

(For muffin- related fun, visit Muffinfilms. And by the same artist,  Making Fiends. Hilarious!)

I have been experimenting in my jewelry-making lately. I have been using scrap chain that I have collected over the years- incorporating it with  the gems, making asymetrical loops and tassels on necklaces. I love how they are coming out!

Here is an example :
chain necklace.JPG
 I will be listing some on etsy in the next few weeks. 

I don't know what I should do when I am in a rambly mood- just post a whole bunch of different pics and amble from topic to topic? Or should I make a bunch of mini posts? I am leaning toward the latter. 

Ok, bye then! 



hey, that lingerie model is wearing my pajamas!

vs. kaleidoscope.jpg

Here is  another one  of my prints for Victoria's Secret !
the original:



social butterfly, but not really


I have spent all day updating my portfolio of digital surface design. I had forgotten how many designs I had sold in 2006! Good job, me! The social butterfly design above is one of my favorites. This sold to a fabric company in the fall  -  hopefully we'll see it in stores by winter2007!


cardamon, mom

I say cardamon, you say cardamom.  We're both right.

mortar and pestle.jpg 

 I love me some oatmeal.

Lately, instead of putting in cinnamon, i use  cardamon and it is *so* yummy. Every morning I make my oatmeal , add just the right amount of  brown sugar and douse it with soy milk. Then I  throw some cardamon seeds in my mortar and pestle, grind 'em up, and  sprinkle it top of the milk.
Of course, i could grind up a bunch of cardamon all at once and not have to do it every day. But that would mean i wouldn't get to use my mortar and pestle every day. I do love to use my mortar and pestle.


I have had this  every day for 8 days straight.  When my sweetie saw it the first time, he said, "Honey, why did you put pepper in your cereal?" I love that guy.

And isn't that the cutest tea towel? I love teatowels. I wanna make some.



Help Wanted (plus  Mercury)

damons 014.jpg

First, the cuteness:
That little cat nose belongs to Mercury- one of my cats. Also known as  Murky Murk.  He enjoys sleeping on sunny windowsills and appearing in product photography.

This is one of my new series of bracelets. I will be posting this one to my etsy shop in the next day or two. I have been making them with strong elastic beading cord.  I love that cord because I just can't be bothered to wear bracelets with clasps! Lazy? Perhaps.  I do need to order some sterling bracelet clasps because I imagine that non-lazy-bracelet wearers  would  prefer that.  I will be offering both in my shop soon enough. 

This is the Help Wanted part:
Please let me know if you buy stretchy bracelets, or if you only would buy clasped bracelets. I think there is probably a bias against the stretchy because people may think it will break- (I have never had that happen!)
Also, if you do prefer a clasp, are you more inclined to buy if it is  sterling? or will silvery-colored be just fine? If you are reading this - then I am talking to YOU. Please help!



my design in Victoria's Secret catalog!


Yay! Polka dot preppy froggies!! Victoria's Secret bought this design about a year ago- I am so thrilled to see it in the catalog!

Thank you so much to Luisa from Hazelnut Studio  for forwarding this to me.  I just found out that Luisa also has a killer street fashion blog .


yummy goods on etsy!



I have finally gotten myself to sign up for etsy and list some items!! It has been really fun. I can't wait to get a bunch of stuff made so I can represent all of my different interests. For  this week I am focusing on paintings.The photos are from the  "Bell Flowers" series that I have been feverishly working on!


I think next week I'll get some paper goods finished: cards and  prints .  I have a bunch of jewelry supplies ready, but I need to purchase some sterling silver wire and findings, so I'll have to hold off on that for a few weeks.

I love etsy!


bead love

1-8-05 062.jpg

I love beads.  I have  a bunch of semi-precious gem beads that i got over a year ago that are just sitting in the closet waiting to be turned into something magical. It's about time to pull those babies out and  put them to good use. When I figure out how to revive my digital camera,  I'll post pics of my stash. 

I have been so focused on the business aspect of art and design lately, that I have forgotten to make stuff just for fun! This makes me a very crabby girl!  I am going to make a luscious gem necklace for myself this week.  Man, I gotta figure out the camera situation if I want to really get into this blog thing!